Cash Management Services

At Scotiabank, we understand that effective cash management is essential to operating a successful business.

As your financial partner, we work with you to deliver smart cash management solutions that work for your business. Our suite of Cash Management Services helps you enhance working capital, improve information flow, and simplify administration.

Information Reporting 

Our information reporting service gives you up-to-date account information instantly, so you have the power to manage your cash more effectively 24/7 from any computer via the Internet. 

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Cheque Reconciliation 

El servicio de Conciliación de Cheques de Scotiabank le ofrece información actualizada relacionada con los cheques compensados a través de su cuenta en Scotiabank. 

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Direct Deposit

With our Direct Deposit service your payroll is deposited electronically into each of your employee’s accounts. 

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An efficient way to pay your local suppliers and vendors. 

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Collections (Payments from Third Parties)

Simplify and streamline your accounts receivable processes with pre-authorized debits.

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Bill Payment Services

A quick and convenient way to collect payments from your customers. 

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