Affordable Home Ownership

Look to Scotiabank for Mortgage Solutions that make it easier to own the home you want.

Buy a house with just a 10% down payment.

For many homebuyers, the biggest challenge is saving for the down payment. With Scotiabank, you can borrow up to 90% of the value of your home through one of our Mortgage Loans. With a down payment of just 10%, you can buy instead of waiting.

Cut costs by amortizing over 30 years.

Repaying your Mortgage Loan over an extended period of time can reduce your monthly payments to balance your budget, which helps you achieve the goal of buying your own home quickly and easily. You can repay your Scotiabank Mortgage Loan over a period of up to 30 years. Of course, if you want to repay your loan faster, you have the option of choosing a shorter repayment period.

Convenient and automatic withdrawals.

Your mortgage payments can be automatically deducted from your Scotiabank account, quickly and easily. You won't need to worry about making payments on time or going to the branch every month.

Purchase the land and build affordably.

Scotiabank offers financing to help your build your home. Finance the land for the home of your dreams with a loan from Scotiabank and repay it over up to 15 years. When you are ready to build, Scotiabank offers you a loan to pay for the construction of your home.

Scotiabank will not charge you any fees for renewal of the loan.

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