Corporate Social Responsibility

Scotiabank is committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and works to bring benefits to all our stakeholders in thousands of communities worldwide. 


Our dedicated team approach includes social, economic, environmental, and ethical considerations in our everyday business decisions. This means:

  • Helping customers improve their financial situation
  • Seeking to be considered an employer of choice
  • Meeting shareholders' expectations
  • Partnering with community groups to strengthen our society
  • Complying with environmental and ethical standards

Through these efforts, we progress steadily towards our Corporate Social Responsibility goals and we are focused on introducing new initiatives in order to strengthen local communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental part of the way we do business and is an essential element of our success. Learn more by exploring the following:

Message from the Vice President
The Vice President of the Scotiabank Group discusses his perspective on corporate social responsibility and highlights our recent achievements.

Corporate Social Responsibility Reports
We invite you to read our annual Corporate Social Responsibility report, where we explain our goals, objectives, and the Scotiabank Group's performance of the in this area when it comes to achieving results that benefit our many stakeholders. You can also access our reports on local communities, such as Scotiabank’s Bright Future Program.