Corporate Social Responsibility Reports

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Reports offer an economic, social, and environmental overview of the Scotiabank's impact and performance for the previous year, presents the highlights of the important institutional programs, and gives specific regional and local examples of innovative programs related to the workplace, our customers, the environment, and the community.

Uniformed schoolgirls standing in front of school sign with Scotiabank logo.

We aim to offer this report every year in order to provide complete information, such as examples of our many international activities, to reflect the global scope of our organization. We also encourage our employees to submit their comments on our Corporate Social Responsibility Report by writing to

2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report:

Covers the Bank's impact and performance in economic, social, and environmental terms in 2009.


Report on services to the community - 2009 [PDF: 4.29 MB]

News about the Bright Future Program:

A review of the most recent edition of the Scotiabank Bright Future Magazine, highlighting the most important aspects of our community activities at an international level.


News about the Bright Future Program - 2009 [PDF: 4.2 MB]