Protect Your PIN and Password

Keeping your PIN and passwords secure is the key to keeping your money safe. While Scotiabank takes strong measures to ensure the security of your financial transactions and the confidentiality of your information, you play the most important role.

Online - ATM - Point of Sale:

By understanding how to properly select a PIN and passwords for your ScotiaCard Visa Debit card, and the importance of keeping them confidential, you can help keep your money safe. Your PIN and passwords are secret codes that allow you, and you alone, to access your accounts at Automated Teller Machines, and Scotia OnLine Banking Services. 

How to Protect Your PIN and Passwords:

  • Select unique PIN and passwords for each of your banking cards
  • Select a unique code (numbers, letters, or a combination) that you can remember
  • Do not select your birth date, telephone number, license plate, address, or other easy-to-guess combinations
  • Memorize your PIN and passwords, do not write them down or tell anyone what they are
  • Be sure to keep your bank card in sight at all times during a transaction and never lend it to anyone
  • Never accept help from a stranger at the ATM
  • Remember to shield the keypad when entering your PIN at an ATM Regularly check your statements to verify that all transactions have been properly documented and contact the bank about any discrepancies
  • Report a lost or stolen card immediately
  • Contact us immediately if you suspect your ScotiaCard Visa Debit card and/or PIN has been compromised

You can get a new or replacement ScotiaCard Visa Debit card or change your PIN at any Scotiabank branch.